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17th October 2015
Hybrid stepping motor is an attractive substitute for the AM with gearbox because its high torque. This motor is unipolar with a strong axial magnet in the rotor. The magnetic flux in the stator has also significant axial component, but stator lamination is arranged for radial magnetic flux. This causes eddy currents, causing a warming of the motor, also above 100 deg C. Furthermore, the stepping motor also features a resonance and noise.
We have developed the unipolar PMSM with ferrite magnets in the stator, which will bring low cost, high efficiency and other options such as high-speed motor due to a significantly better cooling and robust rotor without magnets.
Hybrid stepping motor size NEMA 34 (86 mm) and 65 mm stator size has torque 4 Nm. Our ferrite motor with the same size has the same torque.

1st March 2015
"Dead times" at switching output bridge transistors have a great impact on the quality of the motor control, especially in low frequencies or its oscillations.
We used different methods to eliminate the uncertainty of the currents polarity measurement near zero due to disturbances or offset errors (e.g. analog integral of phase voltages or their measurement immediately before the transistor is switching on).
While the most robust and easiest we proved developed solution for the digital integration of the output voltages using a comparator with DAC reference, ADC for the DC link voltage measurement and fast counters, all contained in the uP TMS32F303.

1st December 2014
Quality measuring of the motor phase currents with only one measuring resistor, required in addition to the fast ADC with OPAMP also adaptation of the modulation so that it does not adversely affect the operation or noise of the motor.
To fulfill this, we have developed solutions using uP TMS32F303 that simplifies design and enables vector control of the motor.

16th January 2014
NFC has become the standard in mobile phones and tablets, as well as in electric appliances and equipments. In addition to user comfort and low prices for dual EEPROMs it is also an option to read parameters and fault history even if the inverter is not energized. We have developed NFC package which includes software modules for inverter and PC / tablet / mobile with an emphasis on functional safety.

29th August 2012
We have developed a method for FEM modeling and calculation of the motor with monolithic multipole ferrite ring.
This is becoming more popular because it significantly reduces the number of components and the manufacturing cost of the motor.
The method consists in replacing the continuous changes in the direction of magnetization in the magnet with a large number of parts (Halbach array).

24th June 2012
We started to offer customized solutions based on mass-produced frequency inverter iS7 up to 160 kW directly from the warehouse. Thus we come to meet customers who require extremely reliable and fast solutions in smaller series.
Case studies: the magnet synchronous motors, reluctance motors, motor UPS, laboratory supplies with adjustable voltage, frequency and phase shift ...
Of course, these inverters we can offer also with the factory SW for AM and for very nice prices. We will be glad to send You an offer.

12th April 2012
Our new website has been launched.


The company LEON Partner Ltd. provides comprehensive consulting services and development of advanced electric drives, including the area electric motor design and control electronics.

The company was founded in 1995 in Košice, Slovakia, previously SMART DRIVES Sweden since 1993.

From the beginning the company was mainly focused on the development of software for drives, hardware and industrial automation. Collaborated with several companies producing electric drives (NOB Elektronik AB, Styrkonsult AB, ABB Traction AB, IBC Automatic AB, Frecon s.r.o., …). The company has also several successful complex customer solutions in drives applications.